Fight Back 31
Coup pour Coup 31

Fight Back 31 is an anti-imperialist collective created in March 2009 in Toulouse. It gathers women and men, french and immigrants, with or without documents, around the axes developed in this platform.

Our positions:

  • We fight imperialism as a domination and exploitation system.
  • We fight all forms of imperialism intervention, mainly french, accross the world. Wheter it is political, economical, military or cultural.
  • We fight all forms of racism (antisemitism, arabophobia,…) and chauvinism.
  • We support the struggles of peoples fighting for national and social liberation. Especialy the progressist and revolutionary organizations carrying an emencipatory project for everyone.
  • We support the Palestinian resistance which fights for one democratic, laic and multicultural state in Palestine, on the historic territory.
  • We support the right to independance and to self-determination of the people in the french colonies: Antilles, Guyane, Kanaky, etc.
  • We support all the progressive and/or revolutionary victims of repression. Whateer their tactical and/or strategic choices.